Week 8 – Adventures in Digital History

We are back in class after a nice spring break. We met on Tuesday to talk more about our project. We discussed how we wanted to enter the names in the row description, which was copying and pasting them from the registrar spreadsheet in the format of first name and then last name. At first I was confused as to why the names were being entered in a row by row format because Google Maps does not give any options to change the font. The text itself was very light and difficult to look at, so it was hard to see where a new name started and to differentiate between a comma and period. I wanted to see if Google Maps would take the list format, which it did and we all liked that format better because it was easier to read. All we had to do was copy and paste the names from the registrar onto a new sheet and then move the column over, so the names read first to last, since the registrar page had the names last and first. I also started new spreadsheets for the sections, so it had the names and it would be easier to upload them onto Omeka later. I also changed some of the section colors, so it would be easier to distinguish the sections against each other and against the satellite image. Then we gave presentations on our progress to the class and it was nice to hear about their projects as well.

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