Week 6 in Adventures in Digital History

My group and I discussed our Group Contracts and one of the big things we needed to decide on was our naming conventions. We originally had it as page number, underscore and then running number (Page #_running number), but now we have established that we will have FRSP underscore 7700 as the start of the name (FRSP_7700_page#_running number). We then talked about the layout of the map, which will be divided by rows and the sections will alternate between transparency and opacity, so the sections will be easier to distinguish. We talked about why we were using Omeka as one of our tools, which is because we thought the search engine would be user friendly and breaks down the metadata in a concise manner. We are using Google Maps because it is easiest to access on any device and allows satellite imagery.

Next class, we talked more about our contract and why we wanted to use Omeka, which is because we liked the layout and how it would incorporate our google map. We finished scanning the whole registrar Friday. We also talked to Angie about Omeka and its layout. We were discussing how the registrar would fall under a collection, but the pages would be items for people to search. We were also able to change ‘Browse Item’ to ‘Browse Region,’ that way the menu pertained more to our information, rather than someone not being sure if the person they were looking for was in an item or collection.

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