Week 4 in Adventures in Digital History

This week we talked about topic modeling, network analysis, and text mining, which was all a lot of information, but provided possibilities for the cemetery project. With text analysis, we looked at Voyant, which allows the user to analyze texts, such as viewing what words show up the most, density of vocabulary, or the frequency of terms. Voyant also provides a word cloud of the text, which is similar to Taxedo, a web tool that turns text into a visual word cloud, that I used in my image editing class in High School.  I can see us using Voyant for our project because it could some visual appeal as well as displaying statistical data.

Screenshot of Horace Sermones 1.1 from Perseus Digital Library on Voyant

The only site familiar to me was JSTOR, which is a digital library that contains primary sources, journals, and books, and support text analysis. Learning these new terms and digital sources was very interesting and I think they would enhance our project.

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