What’s Your Story?

It`s all about sounds and what kind of story they make. For this audio assignment, I picked out 6 different sounds, from freesound.org, and tuned them together with Audacity. I love nature, so I wanted my story to take place outside.
The first step I took was choosing the sounds I wanted and then uploading them to Audacity, you can either import audio or just drag and drop. Next, I had to shorten some of the sounds because some were 2+ minutes long. Then, I had to figure out the time shift tool, which allowed me to move audio clips. After everything was compiled, I found that it was easier to download the audio as a WAV file, Waveform Audio File, which made it easier to upload to Soundcloud because WAV format is a standard format for audio. 
Figuring out Audacity was a little tricky because I had to figure out what all the different buttons were and where to clip the sound at that right length, but teaching yourself audio editing is not as hard as it looks. See my story below and on my Soundcloud.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?

  1. Leslie Miyazono says:

    Abby, how did you add a picture to your SoundCloud audio sound story? I didn’t even realize you could do that. Is this a picture of your profile or can you add different pictures to different uploads?

    As far as your story, I kinda had a little trouble trying to figure out what you are trying to portray – were some of the birds eaten by a large dinosaur at the end of your clip? 🙂

    • admin says:

      I believe the profile picture is the default when you upload a new track, but if you hit edit on the track, it should give you an option to upload an image. Also, with the sound story, I just want listeners to close their eyes and let their imagination take them to wherever the sounds are and that will create a story of its own. I imagine being adrift in the ocean and then all of a sudden the waves bring you to unknown land and you suddenly encounter large beasts. I want to give people a chance to interpret things on their own. Thanks for the comment!

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