What Would You Change?

We all know the story of the Trojan War. Great warriors, such as Achilles, the unrivaled beauty Helen of Sparta, and the famous wooden horse. What if the Trojans never accepted the gift from he Greeks? Troy would never have fallen and Aeneas would never have become the founder Rome, one of the mightiest empires of the world. If I could change an event in history, I would want to prevent the Trojans from accepting the wooden horse from the Greeks. Why? I want to know if we would have gotten a culture similar or entirely different from the culture of Rome that we know today. I want to know what legends and plays we would hear if not the ones of Roman culture. Would we still have Greco-Roman studies like we do today? Would we still have the architectural designs and achievements of the Romans? I want to change this part of history because I want to know how different would the cultural influences be.

One thought on “What Would You Change?

  1. Bryce Piper says:

    Great, intriguing concept. I’m a huge fan of history, so this appeals to me. Just to play devil’s advocate, I’m not sure the differences would be that great. The Trojans are portrayed as mostly Greek in culture, like they were descendants of a Greek colony.

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