Week 2 End

It is that time of the week again. Time to summarize what I have done since Wednesday. First, I completed two daily creates, which can be found on my Twitter. These two were all about design and romance.

I made a wedding card for a recently married couple. I love using quotes in designs such as these because they convey a lot of emotion and feeling.

I had the same concept with this other daily create. I took Ode to Aphrodite by Sappho and turned it into a flower word cloud. Next, I made a wallpaper showing my love for ds106 for an additional 4 stars worth of design assignment(s). 

Then, I made a book cover and an image to continue the alternate history theme. I used Canva for my book cover because Canva offers great templates. The image of alternate history is Helen of Troy and Paris enjoying a sunset with no war to worry about.

Finally, I commented on fellow classmates` blogs, so we can all give constructive feedback.

This was another fun week, I had some challenges trying to picture my ideas and then bring them to life, but overall, I enjoyed creating new images and designs. See you next week.

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