Song Visualization

For this video assignment, worth 3.5 stars, I had to pick a song, or a minute from a song, and have pictures correspond with the lyrics to tell a story. I chose to make a video based on my answer to the question of the week, giving a new meaning to a nursery rhyme. I changed Mary had a Little Lamb to Mulan had a Little Dragon and the video is a light and silly blend of the two together.

I made the video with the traditional song playing, but the images are of the remix version. Creating the video was fairly easy. I used iMovie after picking the images I wanted to use. The difficult part of making the video was choosing pictures that represented the words in the song and then cutting the images the right length to match the pace of the song. I let iMovie crop some images and use the Ken Burns effect, but some images were better still. I used one transition because the song is pretty fast paced, so only one transition was necessary.

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