The picture part of my final project is done! This took me a while because I used the Photo Gallery by Supsystic plugin. I made new galleries for each museum and uploaded the photos to them.

The three screenshots are the steps I had to go through when I created a new gallery, the picked a gallery theme, and then edit for captions.

One thought on “Pictures

  1. Luis Antoni Hidalgo says:

    Your final project was nicely done. I really enjoyed how you gave a short description on how you choose a theme for your gallery and also how you showed us how set it up, instead of just posting your pictures and that is it. Your gallery is nicely done, and I like how if you hover over some pictures the art works name appears and if you click on the image it enlarges. The only thing that didn’t match the other work was that some artwork didn’t have a name to it but overall nicely done.

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