Midweek 2

This was another eventful first half of the week. First, I completed 2 daily creates. The first daily create was Fonts Matter. I had take a message and change the font to create a new meaning, so I changed the phrase “the sky is the limit” from a light and happy to thought, to a darker meaning. I used Canva because I love using it for any design project I need.

The next daily create focused on font in an advertisement. We had to use Font Squirrel to find out the font of an advertisement and make a new ad out of it. This was  hard because I had to find a font that was close to the one in the gatorade ad. I was able to download the font from Font Squirrel and paste in Word doc.

Next, I watched two TED talks and then completed seven Canva tutorials. I had a lot of fun thinking and learning about new design techniques because I know I can use them later on for when I need to design a website or poster for an event.

How Do You Play?

After, I completed another photoblitz, only this one was a designblitz. I had to read the 8 Basic Principles of Design and then take 5 photos that represented some of those principles. I like going out and finding items to photograph because I feel that I see things different and I learn new meanings. See these pictures on my Instagram too!


The next part was the question of the week. The question was, what part of history would you change and why? This was my favorite part because I got to tie into last week’s question of the week and I got to daydream about how different our studies would be of the Classical world if Rome never came to be.

What Would You Change?

I look forward to the rest of the week.

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