It’s Story Time

Another week has passed. A lot has happened and time is really flying. We learned sound and audio editing and then got to apply our new skills to new assignments. You can see my work on either my Twitter or Soundcloud!
First are the 2 daily creates. 

The Art of the Chinese Fan Dance

This daily create was all about teaching. What would you teach? The next is a graph that depicts how much time I spend with my animals versus other things.

Accurate Description of My Life

Next assignment is my revisit to my alternate history assignment. I recorded myself with Audacity reading a script I wrote based on the Trojan War, while throwing in some fun sound effects from to bring the story to life.

Happy Ever After?

The next assignment was creating a story with sound. I had to tell a story with nothing but sound effects, which sounds hard, but is very straight forward once you have an idea in mind. I started out with the ocean and then took it took a forest with animals and all of a sudden, large animal growls are heard. What are you imaging?

What’s Your Story?

Next up, I had to complete 5 more stars worth of assignments on top of the alternate history and sound effect story. I completed Disney Mashup Lyric, which was worth 4 stars, and A Collection of Your Favorite Sounds, which was worth 2 stars. Both assignments were a lot of fun because they helped me practice my audio editing skills more and I got to listen to sounds that were pleasing to me, which made them that more enjoyable. Audacity and were my best friends when it comes to editing and recording. A lot of my Audacity time consisted of either cutting out audio that I did not need or moving the track so that it was in the right spot. I did get to play around with amplifying and clipping the tracks as well.

I Give It 5 Stars

Last, but not least, I have been following other students in the class and commenting on their blogs, trying to give constructive feedback. 

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