It’s Movie Time

So far this week, we have been learning about motion pictures and how to analyze and edit them. Started it out by reading a short piece by film critic, Robert Ebert.

Lights! Cameras! Action!

I genuinely enjoyed his essay. I thought the article would be dry and just spouting out random facts about film analyzing, but Ebert was engaging and straightforward in his article. Next, I answered the question of the week, which was changing the meaning of a nursery rhyme.

Mary Had a Little Dragon

On top of completing those assignments, I completed 3 daily creates. See them on my Twitter! First is a giphy of the Tracy family’s house.

Fancy Living

Second was finding a tree and talking about it, whether it be a story or a significant memory.

See that Tree

The third was for fun because I liked the idea of defining beauty in our words or images.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Last, but not least, I watched 4 videos that taught me about filmmaking.

Fantastic Films

Learning about the different film making techniques and how to read scenes was a lot of fun and they will help me improve on my producing skills.

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