How Do You Play?

Recently I have watched two TED talks, one of Paula Scher and the other of David Carson. Scher offers a great view on how she incorporates serious and play into her design. Playing with designs and colors allows us to get creative and see images in a new light. Carson talks about the emotional response to a product before knowing the rest of the information. Designs should not simply be ascetically pleasing, but emotionally and mentally inclusive as well.

After watching these TED talks, I completed seven tutorials on Canva. Each tutorial had a different lesson to teach, but certain ones stood out to me the most.

  1. Marrying Texts and Images. I help with a lot of website design and one thing that I always look for is a fun and light background that adds a nice visual. This tutorial helped me learn that you can make the background transparent for more texture. You want the background to compliment your text, not over power it.
  2. Color Relationships. This tutorial taught me how to pair my colors, so they do not clash. Changing the tone of a color also helps when trying to find a perfect fit between 2 colors.
  3. The Art of Alignment. Spacing is everything. You want to have equal spacing throughout the image and have either a border or leave a margin around your design.
  4. Less is More. You don’t want clutter to take away the main point in your design. Icons or other symbols help portray words and meanings. Don’t use too many fonts, keep it simple.
  5. Choosing the Right Font. Create contrast with your fonts and their sizes. Size also matters, what do you want readers to see first, their eyes will be drawn to the largest font first. Make sure the font is readable and emphasizes your message.
  6. Designing with Shapes. Shapes can be used for many different purposes. Shapes can border, highlight, underline, and emphasize your text or image. You can even make new images with shapes.
  7. Canva Shortcuts Part 1. Use your keyboard to help you navigate your design. Ctrl/Command + Shift + K = ALL TEXT UPPERCASE. Alt + Shift + B = Border around your text.

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