Final Project

My final project. It has been a long journey, but I made and I have gained so much new experience. I have posted my progress, step-by-step, and my final project can be seen all together.

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Last, but not least, I created 2 videos with iMovie. The first is the Phillips Collection. The Phillips Collection is part of the Dupont-Kalorama Consortium, which is a collection of off-the-mall museums and I intern with the Chair of the Consortium and I got to visit the Phillips Collection. I took lots of photos and recorded the music. The first step I took in making the video was to organize my images in the order I wanted, upload them to iMovie with the Modern theme, then edit the pictures by changing the length, the transitions, and cropping, and the last part was adding the audio and fitting the audio to the length of the images.

The second video is the National Museum of the Marine Corps. To make this video, I gathered my images on my desktop and organized them to the order I wanted. Then I edited audio from a previously made Youtube video by the museum with Audacity, so that the vocals were more spread out and randomized, but amplifying and normalizing the final piece helps make the audio flow as one piece. I then uploaded the images with the Modern theme in iMovie and added the audio after the images were edited. Once everything was put together, I uploaded the video to Youtube.

Last, but not least, 3 daily creates.

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