Fantastic Films

In this assignment, I watched 4 videos that gave me a different view on video production.

  1. Match cut. Gives you a wait, what, reaction because in the last moment, the scene changes for dramatic effect and leaves you with a feeling of wanting more.
  2. Hitchcock Loves Bikinis. This was a little clip about different scenes, a character`s reaction to that scene, and what the scene implies based on the character’s reaction. Films incorporate hidden meanings and suggestions, such as Star Wars. Film change how one perceives something.
  3. Top 20 Cinematic Techniques. This YouTube clip shows 20 different angle shots, such a long take, first person point of view, or an establishing shot. Each shot style gives viewers different context and closeups to the action.
  4. The Shining – Zooms. This clip gives you a look at every zoom from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film, The Shining. Each zoom shot adds a dramatic or emphasizing effect.

Each clip gave me a new understanding of video production and when you film, you want a shot of every angle and then decide which shot is most appropriate for your film.

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