End of the Week

It is the end of week 1 of ds106 and I have come a long way. This week was all about photography. Photography Infto by Martha Burtis and Nigel Harstaad is a great video of them explaining how you don’t have to have fancy equipment to take good photos, just an open mind and something to take photos with. I looked at the Black & White Collection from Abandoned America after learning some new tips for better photography. After looking through the gallery, I was able to point out some of the techniques seen in the photos. One of the photos for example, is a photo of a door with two staircases on both sides of the door, as you can see below.
This photo is a great example of balance; the stairs provide perfect symmetry in the photo. Another great example is the picture of the Abandoned Correctional Facility.As seen above, the photo draws your eye in towards the furthest column in the picture due to the lighting in the center and the shadows that are created in response. After learning new tips for photography, I was able to have a new view of the images I took.

My next assignment was a photoblitz, I was challenged to take 15 photos of various requirements, such a take a photo of something futuristic or something joyful. It was a little difficult getting creative, but I had fun looking at my apartment in a new and creative way. You can see them on my Instagram, they are in part 1 and part 2 because Instagram only allows 10 photos max in one post.

I also completed two visual assignments that pertained to my favorite story genre, mythology. I completed making a movie barcode and an A-Z collage of mythological characters, which is also on my Instagram. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed learning new tools to use, such as Professor Zach Whalen’s image generator, and I even completed a few extras just for fun.

I also completed 2 daily creates. One was incorporating bitmojis and making a new image and the other was making your own app. I had a lot of fun with these because they allowed me to work on my photo editing more. I used pixlr to incorporate my bitmoji images into the photo of my cat. You can find these on my Twitter.

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