A-Z Mythology Collage

For one of my visual assignments, I have created a collage of mythological characters, since my favorite type of books are mythology. The mix consists of mythological characters from Japanese, Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian mythology. The process was really easy, I Googled for a photo collage maker and I found Befunky, a really straight forward collage maker on the web. The only thing that took me a bit of time was choosing which god/goddess or creature to use for which letter and then finding an image suitable. I used Google Images and the  Wikipedia pages of the topic to find my images.

A – Athena
B –  Baku
C – Chimera
D – Dionysus
E – Eros
F – Fenghuang
G – Gorgon
H – Horus
I – Iris
J – Jin Chan
K – Khonsu
L – Lethe
M – Muses
N – Nut
O – Osiris
P – Perseus
Q – Qilin
R – Ra
S – Sphinx
T – Thoth
U – Urania
V – Vermilion Bird
W – Wepwawet
X – Xanthus
Y – Yaoguai
Z – Zeus

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