DGST 395: Week 6

I never knew anything about coding, until CPSC 110: Intro to Computer Science. I started with Python in that class and it was a very straightforward class. I then got to 220 and learned Java, which was similar concepts to Python, but harder application. I then learned some HTML in my Intro to Digital Studies class and this was a very new form of coding because HTML and CSS is for websites and web applications. I like HTML and CSS because coding is more intuitive and shows immediate results. I hope to learn more about the implications of Python and Java because they are more than just integers that do something. In my 220 class, I felt that we were just coding different programs and I found that I did not enjoy that part of coding. I like the creation aspect of coding, creating interactive webpages or creating code that generates random poems or image. We reviewed chapter 1 of Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities,  then looked at Nick Montfort poems and worked on editing the code of one of his poems.

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