It’s a Twitter Bot

It is done. My Twitter Bot is done! I started off with just wanting my bot to pull random lines from the first two books of the Iliad and make a new poem, but then I decide to throw in a Robert Frost poem, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening and Sonnet 140, by William Shakespeare . I wrote JSON code in Cheap Bots Done Quick, and that JSON structured a pattern specific to Tracery. I set the bot to tweet twice a day and it generates over 400,000 unique permutations.

I started off with 4 lines of a poem, but then I decide to shorten it to 3 lines and add some sort of visual element. I originally wanted to add stars as a visual appeal, but I did not like how that looked, so I chose an image instead. I added a picture to give the poem some visual appeal, so the Tweet was not just text. Earlier Tweets show how I have progressed with my bot, such as going from 3 lines to 4 lines and then from just the Iliad to other literature pieces. For how I coded and the steps I took, see my Github.

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