Digital Polarization

For the Digital Polarization project, I had to work with a team to investigate a claim and determine its truth status and then record the history of the claim on the Digital Polarization Initiative, which is a website that promotes research and verifying news claims on social media. The claim that my team and I researched was Atmospheric Carbon Levels Pass the Point of No Return, which was proving wether or not that the carbon levels in the atmosphere have passed 400 parts per million and will never lower again. The status of our claim is mixed because the only recent support for our claim was in 2013, but other articles have stated that the carbon levels are on a rising trend and are not expected to drop below 400 ppm.

The research process was fairly straightforward and I found many resources that stated the necessary facts for our claim, the difficult part was figuring out how to annotate on the Digital Polarization, so that it would link the webpage I found my facts on to the page we were claiming our investigation on. This projected helped me distinguish between the valid articles versus the not so reliable looking ones and how to navigate the web and chrome extensions, which is what Hypothesis is and that is what was used to link resources to the Digital Polarization page. I liked the claim we were investigating because it was a topic that I think everyone should be aware of and with that awareness, help work to preserving the earth. I established that carbon  dioxide is a Greenhouse gas, which contributes to global warming and the increase of carbon dioxide is due to the active burning of fossil fuels by humans. I also found an article that supported the first found evidence of our claim was in 2013.

I enjoyed this project because it teaches researches to be more aware of what kind of claims they are making and what kind of evidence they need to support it.

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