DGST 395: Week 9

Group teaching again this week. Learned about arithmetic expressions, simple and advanced equations. Syntax error – identifies invalid syntax use, tells the location of the error. Learning coding is like learning a different language. Then we had our big project proposals due and we discussed and assessed each part.

DGST 395: Week 8

Taught strings, slices, and how they work. Teaching is very nerve-racking because you have to know your material and then teach it to others. I had a little trouble understanding strings and indexes because the indexes start at 0, so you have to include 0. My group and I were Read More

DGST 395: Week 7

First day of student teaching with Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities. Learned about conditional statements, also known as if else statements. Later, we went over abstracts and reviewed other abstracts. There were a lot of interesting ideas. I will be comparing the functions of Wix, Weebly, and WordPress Read More