Past time is finite, future time is infinite. -Edwin Powell Hubble Time is social construct that measures the length of existence. Time never stops. For this creative coding project, we had to create a sketch with p5.js. I created a screen with lights continuously flowing  and the time displayed in Read More

A Novel

This new project was coding a novel in Jupyter  for National Novel Generation Month (NaNoGenMo), a project that started from a tweet in 2013. Our novel had to generate at least 50,000 words, mine generates about twice as much. I combined two different stories from Project Gutenberg, which was Siddhartha Read More


For this new project, we had to create a screensaver with javascript in p5.js. I wanted something soothing and eye catching, so I decided to create a cherry blossom screensaver. Using the Snowflakes example by Aatish Bhatia, I set a light blue background with pink petals sweeping across the screen in Read More

Glitch Art

For this Creative Coding project, we learned about Glitch Art, which is data manipulation that changes images into something else. We learned three different glitch methods, databending, which is using different software, such as Audacity to change image files, pixel sorting, which is using Python to rearrange the pixels of Read More