Past time is finite, future time is infinite. -Edwin Powell Hubble Time is social construct that measures the length of existence. Time never stops. For this creative coding project, we had to create a sketch with p5.js. I created a screen with lights continuously flowing  and the time displayed in Read More

A Novel

This new project was coding a novel in Jupyter  for National Novel Generation Month (NaNoGenMo), a project that started from a tweet in 2013. Our novel had to generate at least 50,000 words, mine generates about twice as much. I combined two different stories from Project Gutenberg, which was Siddhartha Read More


For this new project, we had to create a screensaver with javascript in p5.js. I wanted something soothing and eye catching, so I decided to create a cherry blossom screensaver. Using the Snowflakes example by Aatish Bhatia, I set a light blue background with pink petals sweeping across the screen in Read More

DGST 395: Week 9

Group teaching again this week. Learned about arithmetic expressions, simple and advanced equations. Syntax error – identifies invalid syntax use, tells the location of the error. Learning coding is like learning a different language. Then we had our big project proposals due and we discussed and assessed each part.