End of the Week

It is the end of week 1 of ds106 and I have come a long way. This week was all about photography. Photography Infto by Martha Burtis and Nigel Harstaad is a great video of them explaining how you don’t have to have fancy equipment to take good photos, just an open mind and something to Read More

A-Z Mythology Collage

For one of my visual assignments, I have created a collage of mythological characters, since my favorite type of books are mythology. The mix consists of mythological characters from Japanese, Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian mythology. The process was really easy, I Googled for a photo collage maker and I found Befunky, a really straight forward collage maker Read More

What is your favorite type of story? Why?

My favorite type of story is a story about/incorporates mythology. I have always loved hearing ancient myths of different cultures and reading new versions of them, such as the Percy Jackson series. This is my first post for my summer class, Digital Storytelling. In this class, I hope to learn new digital techniques, while improving Read More