Digital Mapping

I built a timeline using Timeline JS about the Tudors, an English royal family prominent in the 16th century.  Timeline JS uses Google spreadsheet to organize the timeline in pre-made columns. Timeline JS is an easy timeline tool to use, it is just not a personal favorite of mine because of the spreadsheet you have to use to make the timeline, the timeline is also limited to what you can do with it, but it is good for beginners and people who need to make a quick and easy timeline.

Using StoryMap JS, I created a map following the Silk Road in antiquity, highlighting a few countries of the many countries that traded along the Silk Road. This was fun to use, but like Timeline JS, it limits your options and the template is very standard. StoryMap JS is useful for people who want an easy to navigate digital mapping tool if they do not need to use it extensively.

In my group for the cemetery project, we talked about incorporating Aurasma/HP Reveal into our project and I have received training on it, so I just wanted to practice it more. It is a little complicated at first, but basically you need the app on your phone and what I did was I created an aura on my phone and then I emailed it to myself and to view the augmented reality on my laptop, I have to hover my phone in front of the screen with the app open. Below is a video and picture of the aura I created.


2 thoughts on “Digital Mapping

  1. jmcclurken says:

    I like the Aura you made.

    If Timeline JS and StoryMap JS are too limiting, what are your timeline/mapping tools of choice?

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