Photo Time

Above are all the photos I took for the photo scavenger hunt. I had 15 minutes to find the following:

  • Take a photo dominated by a single color.
  • Take a photo of an interesting shadow.
  • Take a photo of something futuristic.
  • Take a photo at an unusual angle, e.g. looking looking up at something or looking down at something, or from the view of an ant.
  • Take a photo into bright light.
  • Take a photo of someone else’s shoe or foot.
  • Make an inanimate object look alive.
  • Make a photo that uses converging lines to draw us into the photo
  • Take a photo of two things that do not belong together.
  • Take a photo that shows a repeating pattern.
  • Take a photo where you move the camera as you take the photo, so it gives the subject a suggestion of motion.
  • Take a photo that is looking through a frame or opening to something else.
  • Take a photo that represents joy.
  • Make a photo that is abstract, that would make someone ask, “Is that a photograph?”
  • Take a photo that represents a metaphor for complexity.

I took all of these photos in my apartment because it was a convenient location and I had a lot of different imagery to work with. It was a little difficult to get creative with some of the items, such as something futuristic. But other than that, I was able to think of items to use pretty quick. I thought my most inventive photo was the laptop in the oven because they certainly do not belong together like that. It was also really helpful watching this youtube video about how to take better photos and then looking through Abandoned America galleries for examples.