I Give It 5 Stars

In addition to making a sound effect story and an alternative history, I had to complete 5 stars of additional audio work. The first assignment I completed was Disney Lyric Mashup that was worth 4 stars.

I mixed lyrics from songs from AladdinSpirit: Stallion of the CimarronFrozenLady and the TrampMoana, and Lion King. I used Audacity to mix these lyrics. It was not easy trying to mix the lyrics and it took me a few days to complete this because I had to cut the clips at just the right time and then make sure the pitch was steady throughout the song. I also played around with the amplify, normalize, and equalization because some of the sound was weaker than the next clip and then the other two effects helped smooth out the track. I am still new to using Audacity and I had to figure out all the buttons and different meanings to all the special effects. I had a lot of fun with this assignment because Disney songs are classics to listen to.

The next assignment I did was a mix of my favorite sounds that was worth 2 stars. I downloaded 4 sounds from freesound.org and used Audacity to comply them. The sounds I used are a violin, a Chinese guzheng, a piano, and a electronic drum mix. This was an easier process because I did not have to do any heavy editing, but enjoyable nonetheless. You can see my track below and on my Soundcloud.

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