Poetry Remix

Here it is, my poetry remix project. I used Python code to pull a random adjective and noun from Grimm`s Fairytales text from the Gutenberg Project and format it into 4 lines of poetry.

second tree
wild hatchet
scarlet revenge
old ‘

I used Microsoft Azure Notebooks, which gave me access to the web application, Jupyter Notebooks, to code in Python. You can see my code in my Github account. I had some Python experience, but this was still a big learning curve to me in terms of coding. I set the code to run only 4 lines of poetry consisting of an adjective and noun because poetry does not have to be long, but short with little to read, leaving emotions and invoking open thought. Poetry is another form of expressing thoughts and emotions and I don`t think a massive amount of text is needed for someone to feel, just short phrases and their imagination can take them anywhere. Poetry does not always have to make sense, but make people feel.

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